Paromorphs is a soon to be 3D animated anthropomorphic original parody series created by Velivian Fesothe for FurShows (A subsidiary of a company known as Furtainment), it's not currently under production by SnackFerret Studio but it will be announced on our Twitter account, and via our newsletter when production starts.

Our parodies will be developed in Opensimulator and finalised in Source Filmmaker.

Paromorphs will be available to watch on YouTube @FurShows and maybe censored to comply with the YouTube TOS it will also be available on our website uncensored, so please pre-subscribe.

Paromorphs was created due to copyright considerations on embedding trailers from major studios, as parody is legal and if such videos do not contain any copyrighted works from 3rd parties but only follow the story for educational and entertainment purposes, we can provide movie and show trailers for our website documentation pages.

This website serves as a primary information resource for the parodies, and will contain maps, wallpapers, character biographies, and videos along side other historic information on the parodies videos.

To learn more about Paromorphs parodies videos please read our synopsis.